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Silo photo  - MarkMicorox Storage Structure Flooring (SSF) is a 100% solids, epoxy based floor resurtace trowel-applied at approximately 1/4 inch thickness. The Micorox SFF floor is a long term, high performance alternative to steel floors in storage structures.

Micorox SSF will not buckle under pressure, eliminating the danger of contamination of feed with steel filings.

Micorox SSF bonds securely to concrete surfaces, forming a secure seal and prevents the deterioration of stored materials. It is ideal for installation in corn and forage units.

In addition, Micorox SSF is odorless during installation and cure. No styrene odor helps speed installations and insure safety for the installers.

Micorox SSF is conveniently packaged with pre-proportioned batches of wear resistant, high strength aggregate fillers to eliminate the inconvenience of field measuring and weighing.

The surface of SSF is resin rich, dense and easily cleaned. Moisture and liquids cannot penetrate the pinhole-free texture of the floor to detract from the long lasting, secure bond.

Micorox SSF features superior physical strengths and resistance to corrosive attack for long range, cost effective high performance and durability.